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Some people keep secrets because the truth is too painful.

He keeps secrets to avoid losing her.

She keeps secrets to deliver revenge.


Seven years have passed since Cameron Quinn and Lincoln Farrington were high school sweethearts.


Seven years since she last saw him as the cops were taking him away.


Seven years since he left her to become a Navy SEAL.


When he suddenly comes back into her life, she’s forced to choose between following her heart, or sticking to a plan that would almost certainly destroy him.


His secrets brought them together.

Her secrets will tear them apart.


He’s America’s hottest rockstar, and he’s harboring a dark secret…one that could end with deadly consequences.

She’s a small-town girl from the Midwest, escaping an overprotective family.

After catching the first solo gig by the rocker with the looks of a Greek god and the voice of an angel, Evelyn’s a goner.

But Charlie Walker is the worst kind of bad boy all wrapped up in a smoking hot body, surrounded by scandal, and completely untouchable to someone as ordinary as Evelyn.

Or so she thought.

When the chemistry between them is unleashed, the danger involved extends far beyond the threat of their relationship being thrust into the spotlight.

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Music was his first love. Hers was the lanky boy from summer camp with a beautiful voice and starlit green eyes.


Isabelle and Roman thought they’d be together until the end of time. Then fate proved an orphan from the West Coast couldn’t have a future with a wealthy New Yorker hiding the scars of an abusive home. Five years after their hearts are broken, fate strikes again when they’re reunited as a waitress headlining a bar-band, and a successful rockstar kicking off his first tour. Even though the past nearly destroyed them both, the attraction is stronger than ever, and Roman refuses to let a second chance with the girl he promised to love forever slip away.


But picking at old wounds proves to be dangerous when the reasons they were driven apart as kids won’t stay buried forever.

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