Broken Little Melodies

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Music was her first love. The lanky boy from summer camp with a confident swagger, a beautiful voice, and starlit green eyes was her second.

Although Roman planned to be Isabelle’s last everything, fate proved an orphan running with a wild crowd on the West Coast had no future with a rich New Yorker hiding the scars of an abusive home.

Five years after she broke his heart, fate strikes again when Isabelle’s waitressing job brings her face-to-face with her past. The boy she once gave herself to has not only become a successful rockstar, but the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on.

Roman was never one to believe in luck until he’s reunited with the girl he promised to love forever. Time has made Belle even more beautiful than ever, and it’s obvious the fire between them never went out. Refusing to let her slip away again, he makes her an offer that would force her to leave her mediocre band, and question whether the secrets that once divided them as teenagers could destroy them a second time.

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