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He’s America’s hottest rockstar, and he’s harboring a dark secret…one that could end with deadly consequences.

She’s a small-town girl from the Midwest, escaping an overprotective family.

After catching the first solo gig by the rocker with the looks of a Greek god and the voice of an angel, Evelyn’s a goner.

But Charlie Walker is the worst kind of bad boy all wrapped up in a smoking hot body, surrounded by scandal, and completely untouchable to someone as ordinary as Evelyn.

Or so she thought.

When the chemistry between them is unleashed, the danger involved extends far beyond the threat of their relationship being thrust into the spotlight.

He’s known as the protector of his family until an unforeseen tragedy shakes him to the core.


She was raised in the lap of luxury, but her childhood could hardly be classified as happy.


After a chance meeting a few months back, James and Sharlo are drawn to each other in ways that can’t be ignored.


And when they reunite, it’s with a bang…literally.


When he finds solace in a Brooklyn boxing ring, his feelings for Sharlo are a major contender with the obligation to return home and run the family business.


Little does he know, fate is about to deliver one helluva sucker punch.

Sinfully attractive playboy Nolan Zimmerman was born into a wealthy family, but maintains grueling hours to keep the reputation of his grandmother’s beloved bar as one of the hottest spots in New York.


Sexy and independent Sofia Kendall has made her way to the top as a high powered attorney, and she doesn’t have time for men in general.


When Sofia is offered a transfer to Manhattan, she’s eager to reconnect with her family but unprepared for a scandalous love affair.

After a wild trip to Sin City, is there no going back, or will their unrelenting desire for each other be too strong to resist?

Fresh out of the Marine Corps, Braden is perceived as a lady’s man, but he’s lonely and tired of meaningless hookups.


After becoming pregnant in her teens, Katie dedicated her life to raising her two sons, putting any romantic notions aside until they flew the nest.


Now that Katie’s on her own and free to date, she struggles with putting her needs first.


Though Katie and Braden aren’t related by blood, their families are intertwined by marriage, making a relationship seem forbidden. When they meet up in Vegas for a family celebration, Braden tries to convince her that their age different and families don’t matter.


Can she push aside her insecurities and survive the scrutiny of those closest to her in order to have a future with Braden, or will their relationship be over before it has a chance to begin?


Family comes first when you’re a Kendall. So when the six siblings are forced to spend Christmas apart, they each struggle to redefine the holiday.


Some have found true love, and most have started their own little families. But not all feel merry and bright this holiday season, especially as they’re spread out across the country. Some still strive to find true happiness, and one fights simply to keep going.


Will the sudden arrival of Braden and Katie’s twin girls bring the entire family together and save the holiday, or are some of them broken beyond repair?

In her quest to become one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses, her life has spiraled out of control.

As a childhood friend, he’ll jump at the chance to protect her.

When Asher Waldorf moves to Miami to become a bodyguard for the beautiful Angelina Kendall, they’re unable to resist the mutual attraction that’s been building over the years.

But Angie thinks a fake relationship with her famous costar is too important for her career to let go. And in selling the lie to their fans, she’ll make a decision that will destroy Asher.


How far is Asher willing to go for love?

While he’s carrying on his father's legacy, she’s training to protect her country. Despite coming from different backgrounds, fate always finds a way to bring them back together.

There’s no denying Hunter Kendall’s intense attraction to Harlow Stephens. She’s perfect in every way imaginable, and she wants him just as badly. But she’d have to give up her dream if they were to be together, and Hunter refuses to be that selfish.

The notion of finding an ideal man died in Harlow’s mind when Hunter made it clear he didn’t want to be with her, yet the stars always seem to align to bring them back together.

While living two completely different lifestyles, will they ever find a good time to stop fighting their feelings in order to start following their hearts?


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