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Book Trailers...Love 'em or Leave 'em?

I've been obsessed with movies since birth. If I had been born in California instead of Minnesota, it's likely I would've been heavily involved in the industry in one way or another. So I get a little crazy excited when making trailers for my books. I love finding the perfect elements to create a mini "movie."

But I'm not so sure anyone really watches them anymore. Especially in the indie romance industry. This makes it a tough call whether or not it's worth dropping a considerable amount of cash on stock images and music.

I made the one below in January, and it only has 13 views. I'm pretty sure I was a few of those when making sure it was error-free.

Do you watch book trailers? Have you ever watched one and decided you had to read that book?

#booktrailers #contemporaryromance #YouTube #author #writerlife

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