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I Suck at Marketing

When I made the decision to become an indie author, I was blissfully unaware of the copious amount of professional pimping that would be involved. Not once in my several years of studying generals, legal assistance, design, and photography did I learn anything remotely close to the skills needed to promote a brand. Accordingly, I've made a plethora of mistakes. I'm not going to lie, it totally sucks to blindly run a business by trial and error without anyone knowledgeable in the industry to properly guide and/or manage my career.

But, taking a note from the other hundreds of indie kickass authors I've had the pleasure of friending over the past five years, I straighten my crown after learning from these errors and move on.

A prime example of a marketing faux pas would be the fact that I chose misleading titles for the books in my Fallen Heroes duet. Fighting for Phoebe and Fighting for Alexa are the separate tales of two Marines who have run into serious trouble since leaving the Corps, and each want to save a stubborn woman they meet along their journey who has also had the worst kind of luck.

It didn't take long before I realized people would mistake this duet for stories of mixed martial arts fighters.

Accordingly, I've rebranded this series to reflect what it's really about: heroes saving the women they fall for.

Fallen Heroes ad

So, to make a long story short, the adventures of Saving Phoebe and Saving Alexa remain exactly the same as before, just with less confusing titles and spanking new covers.

Oh, and grab them while they're still available on Kindle Unlimited, because the day they're up for review on KU, I may randomly wake up with a panic attack and decide I need to offer them on all retailers. Because honestly, most of my business decisions are based on emotion, and not business know-how.

Did I mention I suck at marketing?

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